HoopPath Night: Guelph

  • 99 Woolwich Street Guelph, ON, N1H 3V1 Canada

Can't wait!

HoopPath Night: Guelph
23.00 30.00

($23 US = $30 CAD)

6:30-7pm- Hoop Happy hour (stretching, socializing, free hooping)

7-9pm HoopPath Class:  Blind Flow and Dance

9:00-9:30 Free Flow

This will be my first time in Guelph ever!  I'm excited to come teach and share.  I would like to offer a night of all things HoopPath:  music, teaching, flow, and community.  This night will start with about 30 minutes of free flow and socialize time, so that everyone can get comfortable and warmed up.  Then, we'll have a hoop class covering various skills across the HoopPath curriculum.  Then, we'll finish the night off with free flow jam to different funky types of music.  

I have been teaching weekly since 2005.  I have taught all the place to men and women from ages 14-73.  Over that time, I've developed a way of teaching hooping that helps students develop their own flow by learning very broad movement concepts, rather than specific tricks.  

On this night, we'll work with a blind fold for a portion of the house so that we can unplug from the influence of our eyes and plug into the feeling of the hoop in rhythm with our dance.  We won't stay blind the whole time.  We will also work on things I think I can help you with as we hoop together.  Mostly, I have footwork techniques that can really open your hoopdance flow. 

Bring water, a blindfold, a hoop you can core hoop, and some get down.  


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